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When you think of your first shoe purchase (well the next one after something a bit tarty !) . . . read more

Selected Colour/Flavour: Black

Selected Size/Selection: 10

Black : 10
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When you think of your first shoe purchase (well the next one after something a bit tarty !) this must be surely be at the top of your list. It's a classic patent pump that's fabulous for any occasion. The 5" heel height gives you that lift and it can reflect the of your outfit with its lovely elegant pointed toe.  From 'indulgence" to "must have" in one gentle movement. If you were going to ever own one pair of shoes it would be these..but we know a gurl can't ever survive on one pair of shoes alone.. Get them anyway. 



  • Heel Height: 5"
  • Upper Material: PAT 
  • Mid Sole Material: Semi- PU
  • Lining Material: Semi PU 
  • Oustole: Rubber 
  • Colour: Black
  • Fit Guide: TRUE TO SIZE
  • Vegan Style: Yes
  • Imported direct from Pleaser USA
  • Made in China


We stock US lady's sizes. Simply add 2 sizes to your Australian Men’s shoe size.(e.g. an Australian Men’s 10 in a US ladies 12). If you take a half size, then go up not down in size.  If you are unsure of your sizing, please contact us and we will assist you .    

Just a little too big - Try using a half an insole in the front half off your shoe. This will help to push the foot into the heel of the shoe.


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