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Every wardrobe deserves, no make that needs a pink lace bra. . . . read more

Selected Colour: Soft Pink

Selected Size/Selection: XXL

Soft Pink : XXL
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Every wardrobe deserves, no make that needs a pink lace bra. Pink neither suggests innocence nor vice – it occupies the middle ground – the gurl next door if you will. And we all know about the gurl next door – they are full of surprises! The underwire and special pockets hold your form in place and the lace material comes partly up the strap making it ideal for wearing with blouses where a button or two (deliberately or otherwise) get left undone. 

The back will stretch 5-7cm comfortably, so if your chest measurement is 100cm, size 95cm will be just as comfortable. For added support, the bra closure has 3 hooks, and 12mm embroided elastic straps.

Breast forms very in size depending on the manufacturer, even though the weight is the same. Oval or Triangle breast forms are the preferred shape for this bra, but as you can see the model is wearing tear drop. Both shapes would fit perfectly. The cups seem quite large, and could even accommodate a DD. 



  • Material: Nylon / Cotton
  • Lace: Cotton
  • Colour: Pink
  • Features: Breathable / Eco-friendly / push-up
  • Made in China




Care Instructions

Hand Wash

Fill sink with cool water and mild soap or detergent then lightly agitate the water to disperse the soap. Soak the bra for at least five minutes. Rinse the bra and squeeze excess water, but do not wring. Blot dry with a towel.

Machine Wash 

Using a lingerie bag, wash intimates on the delicate or hand wash cycle. Before washing,snap all hook and eye closures and check that bras are not tangled together in the bag.   
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