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We totally understand how frustrating it can be to choose the perfect heels, only to find when they arrive, and they don’t fit. Which is why Heels For Gurls have listed the shoe size for each product to ensure you get that perfect fit the first time.

Follow the tips below to help you purchase the perfect pair of shoes.

Find the length of your foot.

Please follow the instructions below to measure the length of your feet:

  • On a solid flooring surface, place a piece of paper against a wall or skirting board.
  • Place your heel against the wall and mark on the paper where your longest toe reaches.
  • Measure from the wall edge of the paper to your toe mark.

Don’t forget your left foot and right foot are often different lengths, so be sure to measure both and take the size of the largest foot.


Use the product information..

  • 3" Heels: Very popular for those who want to wear their shoes for extended periods.
  • 4" Heels: It only takes a little practice to walk in shoes with this heel.
  • 5" Heels: If you love the feeling of being sexy, then this heel is for you. They are easy to walk in, once you have mastered the art of walking in heels.

Heels aren't about making you taller. It's about making you feel feminine, sexy & sassy.

We stock US lady's sizes. Simply add 2 sizes to your Australian Men’s shoe size.(e.g. an Australian Men’s 10 in a US ladies 12). If you take a half size, then go up not down in size. If you are unsure of your sizing, please contact us and we will assist you.

Just a little too big - Try using a half an insole in the front half off your shoe. This will help to push the foot into the heel of the shoe.

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