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They say when you lose money you can always make it back, but if you lose time it’s gone forever. The moments a gurl gets to be her true self are really precious. Some have the luxury to dress often while others grab small vignettes when they can. The same is true when booking a private appointment with Sue.

Sue’s time is precious too, organising HFG, getting your mail orders out on time, receiving exciting new stock, and sometimes making the items herself. If you book an appointment then please respect everyone’s time. Here’s some guidelines and principles that will be helpful when contemplating a private appointment.

Appointment times:

Please wear a mask. Appointments are restricted to 1hr.

Shoes cannot be tried on without stockings. Please bring them with you to your appointment. 

  • Wednesday-Saturday: 10am - 5pm
  • Sunday- Closed
  • Monday-Closed
  • Tuesday-Close

If you are wanting an appointment outside of normal trading hours, please email or send text, and include the date & time you are wanting.

What you can expect from us:

  • You will be taken seriously, and cherished as a customer
  • There is no judgment – each to their own.
  • What we say – we do
  • Our services, as outlined on our website are what we provide – nothing more, nothing less
  • If we fall short of quality we will replace
  • If we fall short on service standards we own it and put it right.

What we want from you:

  • To turn up as the gorgeous confident you
  • Book only if you are committed to following through
  • If circumstances do arise where you can’t make it let us know as soon as you know
  • Don’t just treat the appointment as a chance to dress up
  • While you are under no pressure to buy, just be mindful of Sue’s time
  • You will be respectful of boundaries, and reflect back the respect you are shown.


To make an appointment, please email, or send a text between the hours 10am-5pm to arrange for an appointment. 

Please be respectful of other customers, and do not turn up without an appointment. 


We looks forward to seeing you soon.

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