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Panties – Right fit, Right feel.

For many of us panties were our first tentative steps in our gender journey. They may have been your Mum’s, your sister’s or someone you knew and it’s likely that in those few furtive and fantastic moments the feel and look were overwhelming. However it’s also probably true that they were not exactly the right size.

We come in all shapes and sizes, especially our bums, so it’s important that now that you are no stranger to donning lingerie that you get the fit right. In the case of panties those garments manufactured for genetic girls may not on the face of it be the right fit for us gurls.

No matter what the shape of your bum is, the fit of your panties is very important. Poorly fitting panties create panty lines, unwanted muffin tops, and dig into other areas. Ideally you want to feel special underneath and have that delicate reminder that your feminine self is just below the surface. What you don’t want is unsightly panty lines and discomfort.

So remember even though we may not have the ultimate fantasy bum our bodies are wonderful beautiful things and with some insight into our body shape we can maximise the assets we have been blessed with.


The size measurements are included in the product description of the panties.

Sizes do vary - Please choose carefully

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