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Bras and Panties – Right fit, Right feel.

For many of us bras were our first tentative steps in our gender journey. They may have been your Mum’s, your sister’s or someone you knew and it’s likely that in those few furtive and fantastic moments the feel and look were overwhelming. However it’s also probably true that they were not exactly the right size.

We come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important that now that you are no stranger to donning lingerie that you get the fit right. In the case bras, this garment manufactured for genetic girls may not on the face of it be the right fit for us gurls.


If you wear breast forms, the process for finding your correct is a little different from a normal bra. Below are the steps to ensuring you have your correct size.

Band Size

Place a tape measure under your arms and measure around your chest just above the breasts. The tape measure should be level where your bra meets the bra straps. This measurement is your band size. If the number is odd number, round down to the nearest even number.

Cup Size for your body shape

Your cup size should be proportionate to your body. Not overly large or too small. There is a tendency to go big and the most popular size is a D cup, though this size will not suit everyone. Small sizes like an or B, also look very sexy in a bra.

Below are some guidelines:

Small frame:        Choose a A or B cup

Medium frame:    Choose a C or D cup

Large frame:       Choose a D cup or larger



Measure: Around your chest 

Size (Chest)

Small:       90cm

Medium:   95cm      

Large:      100cm

XLarge:    105cm

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