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Bras – Right fit, Right feel.

For many of us bras were our first tentative steps in our gender journey. They may have been your Mum’s, your sister’s or someone you knew and it’s likely that in those few furtive and fantastic moments the feel and look were overwhelming. However it’s also probably true that they were not exactly the right size.

We come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important that now that you are no stranger to donning lingerie that you get the fit right. In the case bras, this garment manufactured for genetic girls may not on the face of it be the right fit for us gurls.

Band Size

Take a soft tape measure and measure around your body approximately 2 inches below your nipple. Looking in the mirror helps.

Pull the tape snug but not tight.

Make sure the tape is even all around your body and not hanging down in the back.

When you take this measurement, round to the closest whole inch, either up or down.
Example: If your measurement is 33 3/8", round to 33". If you measure 33 1/2" or more, round to 34".

Bra bands come in even numbers. If the rounded measurement you come up with is an even number, add 4 inches. If the rounded measurement you come up with is an odd number, add 5 inches.
Even measurement: 34" + 4" = 38 bra band
Uneven measurement: 33" + 5" = 38 bra band

PLEASE NOTE: This is an approximate band size to start working with. There are always exceptions. As the band size increases, so does the cup size of the bra. Therefore, a 38C is going to be smaller in the cup than a 40C. You would then try a 40B to maintain a similar cup size. This works the other way as well. If your 38C was too large in the band, then you would try a 36D to maintain your cup size.
The end result is 40B, 38C, and 36D would all wear the same breast form size.

Cups Size

Subdued/demure look is an AA/A cup
Average look is a B, Full B and C cup
Bold is a D or DD cup
Over a DD, you want to be noticed

Take your soft measuring tape and measure around your body approximately 2 inches below your nipple.

Make sure the tape is pulled snug but not tight and is even all around your body. Example: 35 inches.

Next, take the tape measure and this time measure around the body but go through the middle of the nipple. Example: 37 inches.

Subtract the first measurement (35) from the second measurement (37). Example: 37 - 35 = 2 inch difference

If the difference is less than 1.5", you should be fine in a breast form that is fairly flat in the back to hug your chest wall.

If it is 1.5" to 3" difference, you need a form that is slightly hollowed out in the back to conform over your developed pec muscles/breast tissue. They are best suited for someone who is a flat to a natural AA/A cup.

If it is over 3", you need a full shell form that is hollowed out in back. 

Breast forms fit best in a full cut bra so the breast form is not visible. Demi cut, half cut, and padded bras do not work well with breast forms.

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